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Good through December 27th 11:59 PM (PT)
King 13" - $1999    Queen 13" - $1599
Split King 13" - $2198    King 10" - $1699    Queen - 10" - $1499
100% Natural Materials
We carry 100% Natural Talalay and 100% Natural Dunlop. Our cover is made with knit organic fabric.
Customized Comfort
Our layers range from Soft to XXFirm. Customize the perfect comfort level to fit your needs. Splits available.
30 Year Warranty
On all Urban Green mattresses. No more mattress shopping. That alone will improve your sleep!
Fast & Free Shipping
In the continental United States. Most orders ship within 24 hours.
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Reviews From Our Customers

Pain Was Gone
"It is a big leap of faith to buy an expensive mattress sight unseen to be assembled by you. I am an overweight side sleeper with arthritic hips and horrible shoulder pain. Within weeks, the pain in my shoulder was gone and I no longer woke up with screaming hips. Within a month, I had full range of motion in my shoulder/arm. Something I haven't had in years, in spite of physical therapy, cortisone shots and every medicine imaginable. I can now put a belt on. Sounds simple, but it was something I couldn't do."
Jim D. Long Island, NY
February 2019
Stood the test of time
We purchased our King 100% Natural Talalay latex mattress in 2013.  I just came across the original invoice when cleaning out my desk.  This is the best purchase I have ever made and the best mattress I have ever slept on (and I am soon to be 70).  My unit has a firm base, medium center and soft top.  It is perfect and has stood the test of time. "
Lawrence B. North Carolina
March 2020
Cared to go the Extra Mile
"I bought from them for a second time, which says something right there. But the best part is that they called me back, after I had already ordered on the phone, because they thought I had ordered unwisely and wanted me to re-consider. The already had my money, but cared enough to go the extra mile. P.S. Their recommendation worked out super."
Robert K. Santa Monica, CA
December 2018

More Reviews

Even though we have been selling foam mattresses since the beginning, our focus from 1982-1995 was supplying furniture manufacturers and upholstery shops with foam products. In 1996, we posted our first website and began selling mattresses online to the general public. It did not take long to figure out that internet sales were going to be our future. In the late 1990’s, we phased out the wholesale portion of the business and gave 100% of our attention to E-Commerce. This has allowed us to be very proficient in the distribution of our luxury natural bedding products.

Why Buy A Latex Mattress From Foam Sweet Foam?
Quality Latex

Since Day 1, the focus at Foam Sweet Foam has been on quality. Not only does selling high quality products make good business sense (eliminating future problems), but it is the right thing to do. We are consumers too.

We began selling latex in 1996. In 2001, Latex International had a fire that destroyed their factory. We needed to find a replacement product. That is where our journey began.

After the fire, we tried a couple of other companies. Our owner took the products home and slept on them himself. They felt dead, with no resiliency or comfort. We were so unimpressed that we quit selling latex for over a year.

In the past 17 years we have purchased latex from many companies, striving to achieve the quality that we insist on. In 2016, we talked with Lien A at a trade show in Orlando and were very impressed. We were even more impressed when we received our first container from them.

We currently buy our 100% Natural Dunlop Latex from Lien A and our 100% Natural Talalay Latex from Talalay Global. If there are better products than what we are now selling, we don’t know about them.