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get Sleep Sweet Sleep!

As a company that has been in business for 35 years, our mission is helping customers achieve better sleep. Sleep is our body's way of replenishing, rejuvenating, and repairing.  It is a vital process to a happy and healthy life! Our beds are completely customizable to fit your specific needs and we truly believe one mattress does not work for everyone. If you have pain, fatigue, sleep issues, cognitive disruptions or go to sleep with chronic pain, we are here to help.

Each of our beds contain 100% Natural Latex and are encased in an All-Natural Cover. Our beds are non-toxic, there are no chemicals added, and no off-gassing. All of our mattresses are covered with a 30-year warranty.

After receiving raving reviews from customers with fibromyalgia or other types of chronic pain, we know our beds can help.  We know many people go to bed in pain, which is why we are thrilled that these same customers let us know that our mattress helped their sleep significantly improve:

The customer service is excellent, and they are very helpful about exactly what to order. Their website is very informative, and then when I still had questions, they were so helpful on the phone. The mattress is extremely comfortable. I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia so I needed a comfortable mattress, and this one delivers. For the first time in years, I have slept through the night for last 4 nights without waking up in extreme pain! Love it!!

Becky – Texas

I have a huge complaint about the mattress which I bought from you over 2 years ago. It is hard to get up in the morning! It used to be easy to get up in the morning because it was more painful (Fibromyalgia) to stay in bed. Now it is the coziest, most restful, almost pain free place to be. From the beginning there was a dramatic improvement in my sleep & a significant reduction in the level of Fibromyalgia pain throughout the day. My health is still improving.
Thank you!
Love my Foam Sweet Foam Mattress

Susan – Massachusetts

I recently purchased my new latex mattress from you. To my amazement, it arrived in two days. After spending almost 10 hours to empty my waterbed, fold it and put it back in it’s shipping carton and then lug the latex in the bedroom, get the pieces situated in my pillow top cover and finally getting the sheets on, I just dropped on the bed. My first and only thought was: Oh no, it’s too firm! Well, 10 hours later I woke up, feeling just great. I have severe back problems and also Fibromyalgia. I had an Airbed, hated it. Then recently ordered the waterbed, hated it. The latex bed as my next try. I have not had 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep in about 6 years, I could not believe I slept that long. Of course I then decided it was the exhaustion of fighting with the waterbed and then the foam. I had no one to help me and am not exactly young anymore. Well, the following night I again slept almost 10 hours, waking up in less pain than I have in ages.

Since those first two days I have experienced nothing but good uninterrupted sleep and was even able to cut down on my pain medication at night. So, again, THANK YOU for my wonderful latex bed, for working with me on the selection and just generally being very nice and easy to do business with. You guys are fantastic…terrific service and a great product. I still sleep like a baby, and that is difficult after four back surgeries and Fibro. EVERY Fibromite should sleep on latex!!!!

Ingrid – Newport News, VA

We hope to help you find more restful sleep just like these customers have had with our mattress. Comfortable sleep can truly make a difference in your daily life! 

You can also watch our informative setup video to see how the process works:

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You can learn more about our mattresses. If you have further questions or would like to have someone help you choose the perfect mattress for you, please call us at 1-800-452-6114, or send us an email to providing the following information about yourself:

  1. Your approximate height and weight
  2. How you typically sleep (on your side, back, or stomach)
  3. If you have any injuries or any kind of pain when you go to bed at night

Contact us with this info and we will let you know what layer combination we think would work best for you based on our experience. We look forward to helping you get better rest in the future!

 If you are suffering from fibromyalgia and need more information, support, or help please contact the National Fibromyalgia Association. 

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