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I've had my mattress for three months now and absolutely love it. I chose a firm/firm (both talalay) combination as I wanted firm, but needed a lower profile. It is nicely firm, yet still has some give to it. I also like that it had very little odor. I'm on the lighter side (about 140 pounds), so this choice worked just fine for me. One thing that stood out in the purchase process was a call from foam sweet foam. My choice of mattress firmness levels was not typical. They called to discuss this to help make sure that I was making the best choice. While I stayed with my initial choice, I am glad they wanted to make sure that I would enjoy my mattress.

I also purchased the mattress pad. It is nice and high quality. That said, I really like the feel of the mattress cover and wish the pad were just a removable version of it. Assembly was pretty easy. I had a minor issues with the zipper at first; a slightly more heavy duty zipper would make it even better and easier to set up.
Peter Reagan
I would highly recommend Foam Sweet Foam as a company. Heidi was one the best customer support people I have ever dealt with, she did everything to help me and stuck by me. Great company!!!
We have had our 13 inch king size bed for about 2 months and absolutely love it! We went with Soft Talalay, Medium Talalay, Firm Dunlop, X Firm Dunlop for our layers. It is perfect for us - so supportive, yet not hard. Latex is the only way to go and we were very happy with the Foam Sweet Foam Service! We went to a few stores selling latex mattresses and were shocked at the prices. FSF offers excellent value. Highly recommend! We are die hard Latex converts!!
David Sill
We've had our 13" split king (on an adjustable frame) for a year now and couldn't be happier! Foam Sweet Foam made shopping easy and, although it was a substantial purchase and we'd never tried a latex mattress, it sounded perfect and has exceeded our expectations. I'll never buy another mattress with springs or memory foam! We customized our firmnesses--hers is slightly softer--and even though she has some minor medical problems, we're both having the best sleep of our lives. Thanks!
Heather P.
I've been meaning to write this for some time to let you know how pleased we are with our mattress. I don't frequently write reviews, but I do rely on them when making a purchase. I like to know how a product is performing over time. We purchased our mattress three years ago, and are nothing but pleased with it. We ordered a three-layer: soft Talalay, medium Dunlop, firm Dunlop. We were interested latex because we are not fans of the chemicals used in a conventional mattress. We drove 1.5 hours to the showroom of a different dealer, where they had the same mattress for significantly more money. We were impressed with latex, but overwhelmed by the cost, so we looked online. It was a big investment, but we have never regretted it. It was one of the best large purchases we have made and is undoubtedly the one we use the most! It is, without a doubt, the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in. Thanks Foam Sweet Foam for making out nights much more comfortable.
We slept so well the first night we didn't want to get out of it.Supports back and joints and was easy to put together.Arrived quickly and everything was packaged separately but well marked so it could be constructed in sequence.Smelled sweet for a few weeks,like a meadow [from sheep's wool perhaps] Heaven ! 9 stars ! Great personal service.The owner of the company called to discuss my choice of layers and recommended switching top 2 to a softer layer.He was so right.Love this bed!!Dogs go to sleep on it instantly.Now I need one for them!
Kathleen Lips
Bought a 16" King-sized after years of research. The first night on it was so comfortable & supportive of joints & back issues. Now we cant stay out of it. Sleeping too much! Hubs snores much less too. Dogs went to sleep instantly. Personal & great service! Simple to put together after watching the video a couple times. We're older and short but this was easy for us because of the layers. 9 stars!!
We've had our 16" king sized mattress for approx 3 years now. The mattress is comfortable & holding up well. My only thing is the movement/motion I feel when you have a 300lb partner who tosses & turns all night. It is definitely not like a temperpedic if that is what you are looking for...that being said, I have also owned a temperpedic like mattress & had joint pain from feeling "stuck" in the mattress & not being able to turn over easily. Overall, great mattress if motion doesn't bother you. Sheets thick enough for the 16" are near impossible to find & be warned, this thing is HEAVY once put together!
CJ Bowman-Vickers
It has only been a little over a week and we both are enjoying the new mattress, both of our backs are doing better. One draw back I have discovered that even with the water barrier cover and mattress cover that I am still having an allergic reaction to the latex. We are going to try adding another mattress pad and maybe double up on the sheets. If that does not solve the problem I will be sleeping with benadryl nightly as it will take us a long while to pay this mattress off before we can do something different.
Dawn G
We received your 4 layered custom mattress in July. I didn't know at first if I would like it. It's now almost October and the best thing I can say to a skeptical customer is to give it a few months like we did. I wouldn't trade this bed for anything in the world now. It's different but it's amazing. No more pressure points. No more sinking into the mattress. Perfection. Restful Sleep. Done. :)
WOW, WOW, WOW, cannot say enough good things about them. Awesome, wonderful, comfortable mattress layers. I have major back issues and multiple failed surgeries so comfort is a must. Customer service is unbeatable. I am so pleased that we found this company. Above and beyond. Thank you Scott and Heidi
This Mattress is the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned. I'm very happy with it. I really like the multiple layer system because it gives you the option to swap the layers around until you find the perfect firmness. I'm the kind of person who will lay on a bed that is super soft and think I love it only to realize a few weeks later that I need more support. Once I swapped the firmer layer to the top it was perfect!
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