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My experience with Foam Sweet Foam has been great. Helpful and honest. It took a lot of research and courage to finally make the purchase (much like Lucas 12/20/17). But from the first night, it has been wonderful. Actually slept through the night and woke up pain-free! It seems this company keeps their promise--this IS a wonderful, different mattress. I tried a different arrangement of my 4 layers for one night but then switched back to the original order. FSF was right! You won't be disappointed.
James Smith
Our 9 year old FSF mattress needed a replacement of the top medium density layer. FSF honored their 30 year warranty and replaced it with a firm density layer which solved the problem. Try getting that kind of service from a big box store.
We love our mattress! My wife and I have our 16" King on the Leggett and Platt adjustable base. Works great and very comfortable. We also have our older FSF Queen mattress in our guest room and continually refer family and friends to Foam Sweet Foam!
Russ Swartz
So much for a 30 year warranty. Loved it at first and slept wonderful with no pressure points. After 5 years it has become so soft we can't sleep on this any longer. Started having a problem after 2 years and kept moving layers around and rotating trying to nurse it along. We have 4 Talalay layers from medium, firm and xfirm. At the time we had no idea Talalay did not stay as supportive as Dunlop.
Warranty is useless because according to FoamSweetFoam you need to place one layer flat on the floor to measure sag. Well there is no sag when a single layer is placed on a hard surface. When all the layers are stacked there is sag because of the weight of the layers pressing down on the lower layers. The firmness is completely gone except in the middle where nobody sleeps. Now I'm contemplating buying a few Xfirm Dunlop layers or buying a different mattress all together.
It has been 1 year now and I am feeling a little guilty for not writing a review in the beginning on the incredible customer service! It was refreshing to deal with this company. The product I purchased was a King 16" and I have NEVER been more pleased with a purchase. In fact in October we are going to purchase another 16" King for our guest bedroom just to introduce the product to our friends and family.

It is vitally important that you work with them and get the correct layers. In doing so you will afford yourself the same reaction that my wife and I have every night - "OMG I think this bed has a consciousness - I think it is loving me back".
It's all true. A good mattress is a life changer. And this is a great one. We just followed the guidance of the fine person on the phone at Foam Sweet Foam and built a king mattress of 4 layers, dunlop on the bottom, talalay on the top, and the result has been unbelievably great. It was a little like wrestling an alligator to put it in the mattress cover, but it saved a lot of money and makes for a good dining out story.

We came to FSF from the website, which is both funny and totally useful. A little bit of comparative reading there, and you step off the brand name grid (where all the online brands are duking it out in the great American Mattress War) into FSF land to get a superior product at a more than competitive price.

I am a hero to my wife who's in the bed here somewhere. Maybe next time I'll get a queen.
We are truly enjoying our new Foam Sweet Foam mattress. The ability to change the four layers to meet our needs and comfort is amazing. We recently switched a medium layer for firm as our top layer and it made the mattress just right. This is not possible with one piece mattresses so check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

The quality is top notch and you receive great customer service!
My husband and I have had our mattress for 2 years now and we still love it as much as we did the first night we slept on it!! We actually look so forward to coming home from vacation to crawl into our bed for our best nights sleep!!
We couldn't be happier with our king 13 inch urban green mattress. My husband used to wake up at 5 in the morning from back pain and I felt like I could never get proper support for my back. It took a few weeks and a comfort layer adjustment to get used to the latex mattress (we exchanged talalay for Dunlop because we found talalay too springy for us) Now we both cannot wait to go to bed and never want to get up. Our kids love it too and I'm about to order them a twin mattress. The customer service was superb and everything promised was delivered. Excellent quality overall!!!
Last night was my first night on the new mattress after buying all the sheets and stuff at Ikea!! It was like sleeping on a cloud, wrapped in cotton candy, with vanilla bean aroma in the air, with pancakes and bacon ready for me in the morning! Hahaha. I love it!
Tyler G.
We purchased our mattress from foam sweet foam 3 years ago. I can't express enough, that this is the best mattress I've ever slept on. It's still as good as new, and I rest assured I won't have to think about buying another for decades. My wife and I both like a firmer mattress, so we got two layers of extra firm, and one firm. Whenever we have to sleep somewhere else, we're always disappointed, and wish we could take our mattress with us, we love it so much!
Denise Rodgers
FINALLY after MONTHS of research, I decided to purchase a latex mattress. Then....MORE research deciding which company to purchase it from. It was extremely hard for me to spend this much money on a product I had not SEEN much less laid on! Even though I made numerous phone calls to FSF before I finally purchased, they were always patient, addressed each question and concern with knowledge and without any pressure for me to order. Taking factors of my husband’s and my height/weight/sleeping positions and individual pains into account, they suggested a 4 layer bed with each layer PERFECTLY suited for our specific needs. Our mattress is more comfortable than we dared hope for!! Thanks FSF AND to Phoenix of “The Mattress Underground.” Without his sharing years of his own research on ALL types of mattresses, I’m afraid I would STILL be trying to make a mattress decision, instead of sleeping blissfully every night. We wake up each morning rested and without pain.
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