Urban Green Mattress

Urban Green Mattress

BY Foam Sweet Foam


Urban Green – When we named our product line, we felt these two words were synonymous with Contemporary Natural. That is exactly what we set out to achieve – a natural product with a contemporary design.

In July of 2014, we did an entire redesign of our mattress cover.  Not only did we get our Urban Green logo woven into the fabric, we changed the location of the zipper from the top side of the mattress to the bottom side.  This was good for 3 reasons.  It gave the mattress a more contemporary waterfall look with the top fabric flowing from top to sides without a zipper. Also, since the zipper was now relocated near the bottom, people do not feel that zipper edge when crawling into bed.  Last, it is now easier to assemble. Classy and Functional.

What is on the inside?

100% Natural Latex – That’s it. No Springs, no Blended Latex, no Horsehair, no Polyurethane, no Organic Latex, no Cotton, no Memory Foam, no Coils. Just 100% Natural Latex.

We carry 2 types of 100% Natural Latex – Talalay and Dunlop. Contrary to what you may have read online, both are excellent products. The Dunlop is dense, rigid, more firm feeling. It provides the solid base and is the source of stability for the entire mattress. Talalay is a much more resilient product – supple, cushy, giving. We recommend Talalay for the top layer of the mattress because it provides cushy relief from the firmness of the Dunlop.

What is on the outside?

Included with the Urban Green Mattress is a quilted cover that encases the layers of latex. Since this mattress cover has a zipper around the perimeter, it is removable. The quilted cover contains 3 components:

100% Organic Knit Cotton Fabric – Once the mattress is assembled, this top fabric layer is the only part of the mattress that will come in direct contact with your skin. Yes, it is organic.

Natural Joma Wool – The wool has 3 very important functions. It is the only natural component we know of that will enable a mattress to pass the government mandated fire test. Because of the wool, it is not necessary to add any fire retardant chemicals. The Urban Green Mattress is chemical free. Second, it provides some loft which makes the sleeping surface slightly softer. The last benefit is that the wool can wick up sweat from hot sleepers.

100% Natural Cotton Fabric – This white fabric is the bottom layer that helps to hold the quilted cover together. It is the inside fabric that is in direct contact with the latex.



Below is a table of the latex specs we carry:

Manufacturing Process Talalay Dunlop
Natural Latex Content 100% 100%
Density of Soft 4.4 4.0
Density of Medium 5.0 4.7
Density of Firm 5.4 5.3
Density of Extra Firm 5.9 5.9
Density of XX Firm N/A 6.9
(Note: Density amounts can range 0.2±)
ILD of Soft 18 18
ILD of Medium 27 26
ILD of Firm 32 32
ILD of Extra Firm 38 38
ILD of XX Firm N/A 63
(Note: ILD amounts can range 2±)

Our Mini-Stack System

You may have noticed the websites that recommend only Talalay don't sell Dunlop AND the sites that recommend only Dunlop don't sell Talalay.

We have been selling Latex mattresses for over 22 years and have seen the quality of Dunlop evolve into a major component in the mattress industry. High quality Talalay and Dunlop are equal in performance and longevity. It comes down to personal preference: 

Less Expensive: 100% Natural Dunlop

More Resilient, More Giving, Cushiest: 100% Natural Talalay

We suggest that you use the attributes of each to your advantage. We recommend having the bottom layer(s) 100% Natural Dunlop (usually with X Firm and/or Firm) and the top layer(s) Talalay (either soft or medium). If you get a 4 or 5 layer mattress, you can tweak the middle layers to your comfort needs. More Talalay, more cushy. More Dunlop, more dense.

Here is what we suggest (from top to bottom):

  • 3 Layers: Talalay Dunlop | Dunlop
  • 4 Layers: Talalay Dunlop | DunlopDunlop
  • 5 Layers: Talalay Talalay DunlopDunlopDunlop

Observation:  We do not get many people exchanging layers, but when we do, they usually send back a Talalay layer saying it is too soft and too bouncy.  All employees at Foam Sweet Foam sleep on the Urban Green mattress and we have no idea why people would say that, noting the layer of Talalay adds a very comfortable, plush feeling at the top.

The only reason that we can come up with is the following:

As you know, people wait way too many years to replace their mattress. We feel that when they get the new mattress, they do not like the new, resilient feel.  They are used to sleeping on their old mattress that has packed down.

Most people like the feel of Talalay, but the ones that don't, don't.  If you feel that you would not like a resilient cushy, top layer to your mattress, buy dunlop and save yourself some $$$.  It makes no difference to us what you buy.  The goal is to get you comfortable and sleeping better.


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