Return & Exchange Policy

Return Policy


 Urban Green Mattress


90 Night Comfort Exchange

Our goal is that you buy a mattress that is comfortable. If the desired comfort cannot be achieved within the first 10 nights, we ask that you first try rearranging the latex layers. Often, the answer is right there inside your mattress. If rearranging does not help, you are entitled to exchange one latex layer, one time. There is a window of 90 nights to initiate this exchange, so you shouldn't feel rushed. For a deposit of $99 ($199 for Talalay or XXFirm Dunlop) we will send a new layer and pay the shipping charges. We will include plastic packaging material that will enable you to send back the exchanged layer in the same box in which you received the new layer. We will send a shipping label when your package is ready. We will refund this deposit when we receive the exchanged layer. Your net cost for the exchange is $0.00.

120 Night Trial

Because you can rearrange the layers using our Mini Stack System and  because of the 90 Night Comfort Exchange, a return is rare.

You may return your Urban Green mattress purchased from Foam Sweet Foam up to Day 120 from the your invoice date. Once we receive it back, Foam Sweet Foam will refund the exact price paid for the mattress to the person who purchased it.

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The following products are Non - Returnable

Mattress Pads


Mattress Toppers

Adjustable Bases

Wood Foundations